Mommy Super Cool Chapter 643

Chapter 643 This Woman Was Important to Silas 

When the two of them left the bedroom, Sean instructed the servants, Old Madam is awake. Go get some food for her.Give her something easy to digest,Gianna instructed. The servants left the room. Sean, hows your mother?Everyone who was waiting in the hall heard this and came over. Sean smiled and said with some pride, “My mother is awake. Gianna really saved my mother.Everyone was surprised again and walked to the bedroom. Gianna frowned and couldnt help but remind them, Dont all go in together. The patients room must be wellventilated. It is not good for the patient to recover if you gather like this!As soon as she finished speaking, some of them stopped obediently, but many of them still squeezed into the bedroom as if they wanted to witness a miracle

Seeing that the person who was about to die was sitting on the bed and asking them to find a place to sit, who would believe it if they did not see it with their own eyes? Give it to me. You stay and take care of your mother. I can take a taxi back by myself.Gianna reached out to take the bag from Sean. Sean said, No. I have to ensure that you can come home safely. Its fine. I have someone at home. I will send you back first.Gianna did not decling and the two of them left. In the crowd, Nicole noticed that the jade bracelet on Gianna‘s wrist was the black jade bracelet that Penny had mentioned. The old man really gave her the jade bracelet. Her eyes were filled with jealousy as she watched them leave. Why did all the good things belong to Gianna? Silasgirlfriend was her, Doctor Aubrey was still her, and now even her cousin was easily convinced by her

She easily won the attention of everyone, and the man desperately protected her. Why? Was there no one who could deal with her


Thats right, how could she forget about Penny! If Penny knew that her mother was sent to prison by Silas, and it was all because of Giannas instigation, what would she do

As she thought about it, a sly smile appeared on her lips

Today, Silas was also very busy. He took Brian and officially invited Zayn and the others to have a meal as thanks

Then, he went to the police station and told them about Laras case

However, it was almost the new year, and this case would probably have to be suppressed until after the new year

The Roberts family had also hired a lawyer to defend Lara, but in front of this conclusive evidence, it was only a matter of fewer years in prison

Moreover, the lawyer on his side was not useless. Because this case involved Kaylee, after she was released by Silas, she only stayed at home for a night. The next day, she was summoned to the police station. This was already enough for Gael. As long as Kaylee was alive, it was fine. However, what Gael could not accept the most was her face. He really could not understand how deep the hatred was for her to take revenge on Gianna without regard for the consequences. Even if she had to do plastic surgery. When the police took her away, Gael did not feel reluctant at all. After all, Gael had spoiled this daughter of his. Perhaps serving the sentence was not a bad thing for her. Gianna also found a time and went to the crew to finish filming the unfinished scenes. Although it was close to the New Year, it was not as lively as it used to be. There were lights and ribbons everywhere, showing it was a holiday. Nolan Group’s annual party this year was held a little late because of Silasserious illness. However, there were various rewards, cash, cars, and houses for the staff

At six oclock in the evening. Silas brought Gianna and South to attend the banquet. Looking at this warm family, everyone was envious

Even if some people might not know the relationship between Gianna and Silas in the past, after this great change, everyone knew that this woman was important to Silas At seven oclock in the evening, the banquet officially began. The opening dance was completed by Silas and Gianna. Gianna was wearing a red dress again. In fact, Silas gradually discovered that she liked red clothes very much, especially during festive occasions 

Chapter 643 This Woman Was Important to Silas In fact, red was not a color for all women, but Gianna was extremely beautiful when she wore it. She was proud and full of aura. Most of Silassuits were darkcolored, but today, in order to match the womans clothes, he specially chose a suit with red cufflinks and a dark red tie. They looked like a perfect couple

The elegant music filled the scene. A warm yellow light shone on the two people in the middle of the dance floor. Silas had a gentle and doting smile on his face. There was nothing else in his eyes except for the woman in front of him. Giannas eyes were gentle, and her face was full of happiness and shyness. The two of them danced with the rhythm, moving slowly like light clouds, spinning like a whirlwind. When the music ended, there was warm applause. Silas reached out with both hands to hold Giannas face and approached it bit by bit. When they touched, the atmosphere became loving... 

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