Mommy Super Cool Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Are You Courting Death

Giannas heart sped up bit by bit. Although they had already kissed many times, in front of everyone, she was still a little nervous

She was so nervous that her body was stiff and she could not respond. She just let his thin lips fall on her lips

At that moment her heart, like amber encased in turpentine, remained silent and longlasting

There was warm applause from the surroundings, falling like a storm. They just looked at each other affectionately

Just as everyone was immersed in this beauty, a woman suddenly walked towards them with a glass of wine

Silas felt the rapid and heavy footsteps behind him. He subconsciously looked back, but before he could see who it was, a large glass of red wine was poured towards them


To be precise, it was pouring towards Gianna

He did not have time to think about it, nor did he look at the person who had poured the wine. When he felt the danger, he instinctively covered Gianna in his arms

Just like that, a large cup of wine was poured on Silasback, head, and even his neck in the midst of everyones exclamations


Gianna looked at him in panic and reached out to grab his coat. Hurry up and take it off. The shirt inside should not be wet yet.Silas cooperated very well with her, but his eyes were fixed on the woman standing opposite him. South ran to Gianna in a few steps and grabbed her hand. Mommy, are you okay?Im fine,Gianna rubbed his little head

The air seemed to fall into a strange silence in an instant. Everyone was so scared that their mouths were wide open, waiting for the crazy rainstorm to come. Just now, everyone had said that no one dared to provoke Gianna. Now, Penny not only dared to attack Gianna but also in front of Silas. Did she want to die

What do you want to do?Silas asked coldly. Why? You dont even want your parents because of this woman, do you? Even if my mother is not related to you by blood, and you dont care. What about Dad? You even sent Dad to the detention center. Are you still a human?Penny shouted at him angrily. Your parents have been scheming to kill me. I was the one who sent them to the detention center. If you feel unbalanced in your heart, you can settle accounts with me. Don‘t find trouble with others! Otherwise, dont blame me for being rude!If not for Giannas scandal spreading all over the place, you wouldnt have attacked my mother. It was all because of her,Penny sneered

Come over here. If you have the ability to stir up trouble, you shouldnt be a coward now. Come out now!she shouted

Gianna stood still with a calm face

Are you courting death?Silas grabbed Pennys wrist and shouted. Penny was so angry that she wanted to pull her hand back. She just wanted to stir up trouble for our family. If she hadnt appeared, would you have done this to my mother and father?” 

Silas looked at her and said fiercely, Yes! I will settle the score with Lara sooner or later. You better not go the same way as your mother. Otherwise, I will also not go easy on you.” 

Penny looked at the heartless Silas and suddenly burst into tears, You want to kill me too? Is it necessary for you to do it for such a woman?” 

Silas said, This is my wife and child. What do you think?Gianna! It is all because of you. Just you wait, I wont let you off!Penny pointed at Gianna, crying and cursing. You don‘t understand what Im saying, do you?Silasface darkened even more as if a storm was about to start. His voice was also bonechilling, You don‘t understand what Im saying, do you?With that, he waved his hand and directly threw her out

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