Mommy Super Cool Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Without Silas, I Will Personally Send Her to Prison

Penny uncontrollably took a few steps back and fell to the ground. She looked at the man in disbelief. This was her big brother. Although they were of the same father but different mothers, he was still a fair person. Although he was not close to her mother, he was very good to her. She knew that her mother was a mistress and forced his mother to leave the house with nothing. In order to compensate, she was sincere to him. She had always treated him as her own brother

Today, for the sake of that Gianna, he had pushed her out without the slightest hesitation. How could she accept this


As she finished shouting, tears also fell, and her throat was tight. She actually couldn‘t say a word

Silas looked down at her, and his words seemed to carry ice shards. I wont argue with you because you just came back and don‘t know the truth. But that doesnt mean you can do whatever you want. You dont have to dream of comparing yourself to Gianna in my heart. If you dare to hurt her, I will definitely retaliate!Gianna slowly walked behind Silas. She took a step forward and looked at Penny with sharp eyes. Why do you feel wronged? Do you think she just wants me to be scolded? She has done too many bad things. She poisoned Silas and my son and almost killed them. What? Is it too much for Silas to send her to prison? You dont have to think that Silas did this for me. Without Silas, I will personally send her to prison!Although Penny was angry when she heard Giannas words, she was even more surprised to hear that her mother poisoned Silas. How was this possible

Nonsense! Why did my mother poison my big brother?About that, you have to ask your mother!Gianna said. Penny pointed at Gianna and said, Its you. It must be you who planted it in the middle! You shameless woman, I will fight you to death.As she spoke, she pounced towards Gianna again. Penny, dont challenge my bottom line again!Silas grabbed her again. Brother! Dont be fooled by this woman!Penny cried. Xavier,Silas shouted impatiently. Xavier immediately came over to answer. Take her out!Silas mercilessly pushed her to him. Xavier replied, Yes, Mr. Nolan.After saying that, he dragged Penny away. This farce finally came to an end. Are you alright?Silas looked at Gianna apologetically

Why would I be not?Gianna smiled. The wine is all on you. Let me see if the wine has splashed on your shirt.” 

Not at all,she said as she walked behind Silas. Lets go over there and let them party here.Silas smiled and grabbed her hand. This little episode did not affect her at all. She took South to the food bar. Without Silas and Gianna here, the employees were free to party

Later, everyone stopped dancing and had individual performances. There were singing, dancing, comedies and all kinds of talents

The shows made Gianna and Silas laugh

Finally, they organized a lottery draw. Some people were lucky to win a lot of money, and some people were still laughing happily while getting basically nothing 

The banquet went on for nearly four hours and finally came to an end. Tomorrow, the company would be on a holiday. Everyone was also enjoying themselves

After returning, Silas asked, Where do you want to spend the Spring Festival?Gianna did not say a word. When she first returned to the country, she thought that she and South would go back to the Aubrey family for the New Year. After seven years, they would go back for a reunion dinner during the festival and forget about their past grudges. But who would have known that so many things had happened afterward? She was not a Aubrey anymore, and she did not know who she belonged to, so she suddenly became a homeless person

Silas saw that her mood was gradually falling, and took the initiative to say, Why don‘t you come back to the old house with me for the holiday? Or if you like a warmer place, you can come with me to Promise Island. Or if you don‘t like the liveliness, we can just stay at Flore Brae and I will cook a big meal for you and South.” 

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