Mommy Super Cool Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Celebrate the Spring Festival in Promise Island 

Where do you want to go?said Gianna happily, who was still feeling a little depressed. When I didn‘t have you two, I didnt even celebrate Spring Festival. I just stayed with Grandpa for a night on Spring Festivals Eve and then slept for a few days. Now that you are here, as long as I am with you, I can go anywhere. I will listen to you two.Before Gianna could decide where to go, South said, Go find Grandma Maybe we can meet Dora!. Silas didnt know whether to laugh or cry. This stinky son really liked that little girl

Okay, then lets go to Promise Island.How can grandpa be at home alone? Your dad and Lara are both at the detention center.Gianna frowned

Silas smiled and said, My grandpa has more than one son. My unde, second uncle, and aunt will go back during the festival!Oh, that‘s good. Youve never celebrated the New Year with your mother, have you?Gianna asked in realization

No, during festivals, I couldn‘t leave,Silas said. Gianna knew that during festivals, more people would monitor him. For the sake of his mothers safety, he could only endure. Then lets celebrate the festival with your mother this year,she said, suddenly feeling a little distressed. When Silas heard this, the little flames in his eyes lit up little by little. This was the best. He secretly thought that they could sleep in the same room. These few days, he wanted to go to her house to sleep. This little woman was very cautious and refused to let him stay no matter what. After eating, she drove him out

She was so strict 

He also did not want to make her have any bad impression of him. His rationality advised him that he should be a little mature and not be driven by his desires when he saw her. But in fact, physiologically and mentally were two completely different systems. Every time he saw her, he would think a lot, especially when the two were alone

The corners of his lips curled into a smile. Just as he was about to say yes, he heard Gianna say again, Oh, it seems like it won’t work 

Whats wrong?Silas frowned. Gianna said, There is also Jewel. She is alone here. How can we leave her?Silas,..

It was too difficult for him to be alone with his girlfriend for a while

Why dont we take her with us?Gianna hesitated Can we? Its the Spring Festival!Silas said, Whats bad about it? She is your best friend. The more the merrier. How about this, I will call Alex over too.Gianna said, Why will Alex go? He has to be with his parents at home!Silas said, He can go after the festival, lets hang out there for a few more days.Okay, Ill go back and ask Jewel.‘ 

In fact, Jewel did not want to go, but she also knew that Gianna was worried about her. If she did not go, Gianna would not go. There was no other way, so Jewel had to follow along. The day before New Years Eve, Gianna, Silas, South, Brian, and Jewel went directly to Promise Island. They did not call Ellen in advance because they wanted to surprise her

When they entered, Ellen was cleaning up the house

She couldnt stay idle. She cleaned up such a large area by herself. Silas had hired two servants for her but she let them go. It was only when she couldnt tidy up occasionally that she would ask someone to help her. Otherwise, she would do all the housework alone. Mom!Brian raised his voice. At this time, Ellen was facing them with her back. Hearing this, she just stood there motionless. She probably thought that she mnisheard it and wanted to make sure. Seeing that she did not turn around, South also grinned and shouted, Grandma...Ellen turned around abruptly, and when she saw them, tears suddenly fell down. Oh, what are you doing here

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