Mommy Super Cool Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Little Brat, Are You Looking for a Beating

Silas smiled and said, We will spend the holiday with you this year,Really? Come in quickly. Why didnt you tell me in advance?Ellen stuttered. Gianna smiled and said, Silas said he wanted to give you a surprise.” This is really a surprise. This is?Ellen looked at Jewel. Gianna took Jewels hand and introduced, This is my best friend, Jewel. She doesnt have any relatives, so I asked her to come with me. Auntie, you dont mind, do you?” 

Why would I mind it?Ellen immediately answered, Id love to have someone come over and talk to me. Come in, come in.” 

Gianna felt a little relieved and took Jewels hand. Lets go!” Ellen took Souths hand and said, Oh my, my grandson has grown taller again.South asked, Grandma, can I grow taller than my father?Of course, you can!Ellen said. After entering the house, Ellen took out the fruits and snacks. Dont be so busy. Take a break.Gianna said. Ellen took a few more snacks and then poured cups of tea for each of them as if she was entertaining distinguished guests. Only then did he sit down

Its all your fault. Why didnt you tell me earlier?she rebuked, glaring at Brian. What did I do?Brian frowned slightly with an expression of being wronged. Ellen said, When you brought Uncle Zayn and the others over last time, why didnt you say that you would be here for the Spring Festival this year? If you had said so earlier, I would be prepared for it too!Brian also looked very bothered

How would I know that they were coming here? I also received a notice at the last minute. If not for waiting for them, I would have come long ago.You dare to argue with me?Ellen raised her hand and slapped Brians leg. Mom, are you being unreasonable? Can‘t I defend myself?Brian burst into laughter. South said faintly, I dont argue with my mommy.Brian, ...” 

He pointed at him, Little brat, are you looking for a beating? How can you go against me? Have you forgotten who saved you?As he said this, he acted as if he was going to chase after him. South ran away, saying as he ran: You saved me, my mommy also saved you. We dont owe each other anything. Let it go.Brian said, Your mother saved me. The one I need to thank is your mother. If I save you, you have to thank me.South ran and said, If you bully me again, I will tell everyone about everything that happened when you were a child.When I was a child? What happened to me when I was a child?Brian asked, stunned. South circled around the sofa and said provocatively, You were bit by a goose when you were little, and you were so scared that you cried.” 

Who told you that?Brian asked, stopping in his tracks. It doesnt matter who said it. Is there such a thing?South asked. No, dont listen to your daddys nonsense!Silas sat on the sofa and lifted his eyelids to look at him coldly. He didnt say a word and continued to peel the peanuts nimbly. After a while, a palm of big white peanuts was handed to Gianna. Gianna was a little embarrassed. She secretly glanced at Ellen and Jewel, who had been smiling at her all the time, and took the peanuts with some embarrassment. Ellen looked at them and smiled with a happy face

Brian and South were still making a fuss

Silas and Gianna were snuggling together so intimately. Ellen looked at them and couldnt help but tear up. It had been a long time since her home had been so lively

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