Mommy Super Cool Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Did You Disrespect Her

Seeing that Ellen was a little emotional, Silas deliberately changed the topic and asked, How many days did Uncle Zayn and the others stay here?” 

On the day he invited Zayn and the others to dinner, he could not help but tell them the truth. He told them how he and the old man hid everything and rescued his mother. For no other reason, they came to testify for his mother. Silas should be more sincere. Moreover, Lara and Edward had already been punished by the law, and his mother would not be in danger anymore. What reason did he have to hide the truth

Therefore, he specially asked Brian to bring them over. First, he wanted them to be at ease, and second, he wanted them to meet up with old classmates they hadn‘t seen for more than thirty years. Ellen secretly wiped her tears and smiled. They stayed here for three days and then left. Everyone is so old. In a flash, thirty years have passed.” 

Silas smiled and said, Mom, you are quite popular. When Uncle Zayn and the others heard that it was you, they were very cooperative and took the initiative to help explain the truth.” 

Yes, we were classmates. Even after so many years, there are still endless topics to talk about when we meet.” 

Ellen said, Its good for Silas to settle things like this. People say that its tiring to hate someone. Let it be, let them go, and let yourself be free!” 

Yes. As long as they dont cause trouble again!Silas replied

Gianna said, South, stop running. You can‘t be too tired right now.South obediently sat back down on the sofa. Brian was also exhausted and panting. He glanced at the little guy from the corner of his eyes. Wait for me to take a break!Wait for me to get better!South also provoked. What are you talking about? What happened to South?Ellen looked at them. Why couldnt she understand what they were talking about

Gianna was stunned. She secretly glanced at Silas and then remembered that everyone was hiding the fact that South and Silas had been poisoned! He was sick a while ago, but was cured by Gianna,Silas answered vaguely. Did you catch a cold?Ellen touched Souths little face with a distressed face. Silas and Gianna both looked at the little guy and thought to themselves: don‘t let it slip

Fortunately, the little guy reacted quickly. He immediately nodded his little head and said, Well, my head hurts and my whole body is weak.” Its okay. Your mother is so powerful. She will definitely cure you.Ellen smiled. South smiled and said, Yes, I am fine now. Grandma, dont worry.” 

They sat in the living room, chatting about what had happened during this period of time, about Jewel‘s vocal cords, about how Gianna and Jewel got to know each other. Of course, Gianna didn‘t talk in detail in fear of scaring Silasmother. Everyone was eating and playing in the living room, but Ellen got up and left. Gianna saw it and waited for a while but Ellen did not come back. She secretly poked Silas. Where did your mother go?Silas was also curious. I don‘t know. Ill go and take a look.” 

As he spoke, he went over. Mom, what are you doing?he asked, noticing that his mother was cleaning up the room. Ellen said, Ill clean a room for Jewel.” 

In fact, there were rooms in the villa, but they had not been cleaned up. Since Jewel was here, Ellen could not say that there were no rooms

Silas leaned over and whispered, You just have to clean up a small one. I am worried that Gianna won‘t sleep in the same room with me.” 

*Did you disrespect her?Ellen glared at him and patted his shoulder 

No, I just want a space to be alone with Gianna. Its not as complicated as you think.Silas laughed. How are you getting along? When are you getting married?Silas sighed helplessly Marriage? He wished. The key point was that she had no intention of marrying him at all. Its still too early to talk about marriage. Dont worry about it.’ Then he left


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