Mommy Super Cool Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Are You Convinced

On the other side, Gianna was teaching Jowolto speak Normally speaking after taking medicine for so long, if stould at least be a little useful, but Jewel still could not make a sound She seriously suspected that she had not spoken for too long and had forgotten how to speak 

Thus, she taught her over and over again Try to make a sound, ahl Jewel smiled and gestured with her hands, not a cihuld, why would i mend you to teach me?Gianna said. Try it Ah Jewel stretched out her neck and tried to speak, but he could not make a sound In the end, Jewel was annous to the point of sweating Its fine, its fine Lets stop the medicine for a while for the holiday After the holiday, well go to the hospital for a check up li adjust the prescription for you Jewel looked depressed and typed on her phone My voice may be hopeless its a waste of effort ] Dont talk nonsense Believe in me, the godily doctotGtaritia Douted Jewel smiled and nodded 

Silas came back and sat nert to Gianna He looked at Brian and South who weste playing garries on the other sofa Who won?” 

Gianna smiled and said, What do you think?Playing games with our son, isnt the looking for a beatingSilas said smugly Bran didnt expect this little bastard to be so fast. He lost every time, but he just refused to accept it He thought that it would be fine even if he won once in the end, he had been sitting there for more than an hour and had never woni I dont want to play anymorehe said, throwing this phone to the side South asked mischievously, Are you convincedIts not fair if we only play the game that you are good art How about we play citiess?Brian glared at the little guy 

Come on! Are you afraid of me?South said with a sily smile in his eyes Silas wanted to remind Brian that every time south went to the old house, he would play citiess skills with Silas grandfather It seemed that Brian wouldnt win by playing chess with South

However, he did not know how good Brians chess skills weite. Pertains in the years when he was not here, his chess skills could also improv


He overestimated Brian. Another hour later Brian shouted, Gianna, humy up and get your son away if I lose more, I will go bankruptEveryone laughed Aher dinner 

Ellen said, Jewel, I just cleaned up a new room for you Ill take you there larter Jewel nodded and smiled as she gestured her thanks Ellen smiled es fine, its fine Lets go Gianna said, Il sleep with youAs soon as she si od up. Silas pulled her to sit on the sota Slas sad, Her room is a little simail. The bed wounity for two peopleJewei smiled and gestured to Gramma I want to sleep on my own.” Gianna. _ They retumed to their respective rooms Why are you stopping me?Gianna looked ar Silaseemad Expression and princited tus am Isnt this all for youSilas laughed, not caring about her painting tim For me? Tell me, how are you doing this for me? I know what you testuinking Gianna was speechless You came over and spend the today with my mother why mother is very grateful Guess what my mother said when I went ovet iust now Salas pulled her to sit on the bed and said with a straightate Gianna did not want to be fooled by lumtuut because it was tellanad to his mother she could not help but ask what did she saysSetas said, “She asked til forced you to come over 10 celebrane the holiday with her said no, you moeite the one why suggested coming tere for the lion Year‘ 

So, no matter is very grateful and happy with you 

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