Mommy Super Cool Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Girlfriend, Whatever You Want to Do Is Up to You 

Silas said, Of course, it has something to do with you. You are my girlfriend. If you were in the same room as Jewel, what would my mother think? She would think that you actually did not want to come. She would think that I was forcing you to come in order to make her happy! She would feel that there was something wrong with our relationship. She would not be at ease. Even after we leave for a long time, she would still think about it!Gianna, ..

This man was good at making up nonsense. He made his own dirty little thoughts sound so fresh and just! Ill go ask your mother.As she spoke, she pretended to leave. What are you asking about? How do you want to ask?Silas hurriedly grabbed her. Gianna said, Let me explain it to her. I will tell her that I dont want to share a room with you because you always bully me. It‘s not because I don‘t want to spend the holiday with her.” Silas stretched out his arm. Gianna said fiercely, What? Do you want to stop me?Silas said, Look at the ten centimeters above my wrist.What‘s wrong?Gianna instinctively looked over

Pull up my sleeve.Gianna suddenly realized and snorted arrogantly, I dont want to see it.However, the impish man picked her up by the waist and threw her directly on the bed. Then, he leaned over. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of seeing evidence that you bullied me?Who bullied you? Dont slander me.Gianna pushed him away in embarrassment. Look, you pinched me and its bruised. What should we do?Silas asked as he rolled up his shirt. What should we do?Gianna asked as she glanced over. There was indeed a bruise that was the size of a thumb. As she spoke, she hit the arm that Silas had propped up and she threw him aside with a strange grappling technique. Seeing that Silas was about to stand up and resist, she pounced on him and sat on him. What? You wanna fight?she threatened fiercely

Silas looked at the faint smile on her lips. He gave up struggling and rested his hands under his head, letting her do whatever she wanted

At this time, Gianna realized her awkward position. She was sitting on his body. Was she trying to force herself on him? She was so frightened that she quickly turned around and wanted to get off of him. However, Silas, who was quick, locked her in his arms. The two of them looked at each other, so close that they could hear each other. Girlfriend, whatever you want to do is up to you!the man said in a low and sexy voice. Gianna struggled hard, but could not get out no matter what. Let me go.” 

Give me a kiss.’ Silas laughed

Gianna glared at him. He took advantage of her like this and wanted her to give him a kiss. He wishes! She was like a caterpillar, trying hard to wiggle her way out of his body. This was the woman he loved, plus the way she moved in his arms, no man could control himself. At first, Silas was still able to keep the thought of teasing her, but she kept doing this, making him horny. His breathing gradually became heavier. The large palm held her head and pressed her head down. His sexy lips followed the most primitive instinct and accurately found her lips. It was like thunder had ignited the earth fire, making Silas lose control even more He hugged her and kissed her fiercely as if it wasnt enough no matter what. Gianna was speechless. How was this a kiss? Wasnt he primitivly biting her?, He was getting carried away! However, she stopped struggling. In fact, this man was already very good. He had done too much for her and thought too much for her. It was almost the Spring Festival. She just wanted to make him happy! The obedient Gianna made Silas love her more. The storm of kisses gradually became gentle. He nimbly turned over and pressed Gianna under his body again, taking back the initiative and kissing deeper. She didnt know how long they had kissed. Anyway, Gianna felt that her lips were numb. Silas hugged her tightly, trying to calm down his urge. However, he also clearly knew that this little woman had been hurt before, and she was extremely insecure. She was like a pure white boat, sailing with her own speed. He could not and did not dare to rashly break 

Chapter 650 Girlfriend, Whatever You Want to Do Is... her rules

Stay here by yourself for a while. Im going to take a cold shower.As he spoke, he got out of his bed quickly. Without any hesitation, it was as if he would be reluctant to let go of her if he slowed down. Gianna looked at his back as he left, but her eyes unconsciously glanced at his crotch. Sure enough..

Just as she had guessed, something was hard

She stared at him until he entered the bathroom. Her face was inexplicably burning. What exactly was she thinking of just now

She shook her head hard. Gianna, aren‘t you a little too unreserved

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