Chapter 651 Come On, Let’s Hurt Each Other!

Silas took a cold shower in the bathroom for a full forty minutes before he could barely suppress the urge. Unexpectedly, the moment he came out and saw her, he felt the desire was back again. She was wearing fluffy pajamas. She sat softly on the bed and was looking at him with a smile. The meaning of her smile was unknown. “What’s wrong?” “If you don’t come out, I will knock on the door.” “What?” Silas walked over and asked with a smile. *Don’t think too much. I just want to go to the bathroom.” Gianna pushed his face away. “Go ahead. Do you need me to accompany you? I help you take a shower.” Silas smiled. “Don’t trouble yourself!” Gianna snorted and entered the bathroom. Silas looked at the closed bathroom door and only withdrew his gaze after a long time. Why was his girlfriend so cute? So nice. He could sleep next to his girlfriend. He leaned on the bed lazily, wanting to show off. He took his phone and sent a picture of them on the boat with Jewel. Not long after he sent the picture, Alex video-called him, “Where are you guys?” “Promise Island,” Silas said with a smile. Alex asked, “Are you planning to spend the holiday on the island?” Silas asked, “Yes, are you coming or not?” “I can’t leave. I have no reason to go out during the festival. Why did you bring Jean to the island too?” Alex asked anxiously. “She’s Gianna’s sister, not your Jean.” Silas glared at him. “I know, I know. She’s your Jewel, and also my Jewel. How long are you guys staying on the island? I’ll be there the day after tomorrow.” “We’ll be going back the day after tomorrow,” Silas said, deliberately angering him. “Don’t do that. It’s rare to have a holiday. You should stay for more days. When I get there, I’ll treat you guys to whatever you want. How about it?” Silas pretended to think about it and said, “Alright, we are helping you pursue your girlfriend. We’ve done too much for you.” Alex said, “Yes. When I get married, I’ll invite you to be my best man.” “Your best man? You’re not even her boyfriend yet. Do you think you will get married faster than me?” Alex smiled, “That’s something you can’t say for sure.” . Silas said, “Do you think that Jewel is still the old Jean now? Do you think she will listen to whatever you say? As a friend, I will be kind enough to remind you that she will teach you a lesson many times!” Alex thought that this guy had guessed correctly. “You’re right. She is on guard against me now. I don’t know how to get along with her at all.” “Haven’t you contacted each other during this period of time?” “How do I contact her? Before I contacted her, she treated me like a bad guy. She didn’t reply to my messages or call me. Now, even if we aren’t friends, she can at least reply to my messages.” “You are easy to satisfy.” Silas gloated. “This is a step-by-step process. Isn’t love a happy thing? When you first met Gianna, she didn’t like you, did she? Did you forget that little Gianna conned more than 100 million yuan from you?” Alex said. Come on, let’s hurt each other!

“Do you believe that I can make Jewel not talk to you at all?” Silas glared at him. Alex was not afraid of him and provoked him. “You are really boasting. My Jewel has her own ideas and thoughts. She can tell who I am.” Silas looked at him and smiled slyly. “I can help her see through you as soon as possible. For example, which nightclub you stayed in, what kind of woman do you like, and you have consulted my girlfriend about physiological problems!” Hearing this, Alex, who was originally lying lazily in the camera, suddenly sat up. “Silas, don’t you dare!”


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