Chapter 652 Girlfriend, Let’s Sleep

“Hurry up and say something nice!” Silas smiled at him. “Brother, you are my brother! You are my real brother.” Alex immediately put on a flattering face. “I don’t have a playboy little brother like you!” Silas curled his lips. Alex said hurriedly. “No, you can’t just enjoy your relationships and watch me suffer, We all grew up together. Do you have the heart to watch me suffer a single life?” Silas smiled and said, “How can a person like you suffer a single life? It is more convincing that you have STDs than you are suffering a single life.” Alex said, “I’m really single. Ever since I found her, I’ve always been single. And suddenly, I’m no longer interested in other women. I don’t even want to think about other women. I even wonder if I’m sick.” “Isn’t this simple? You can find a woman to try!” Silas continued to set him up. Alex said. “I did, but it didn’t work. Eh, you’ve been single for so long. Is your little Silas good?” Silas thought that after the experiment, it was good, but couldn’t use it! “You should worry about yourself. You are quite brave. You have a girlfriend and you dare to find another woman. I will tell my girlfriend later to let Jewel keep a distance from you.” “Huh? I didn’t find another woman. I just wanted to try it. You have no humanity. Why do you tell your girlfriend everything?” “If I don’t tell her, should I tell you?” “You don’t need my help anymore in the future, do you?” “When did I ever ask for help from you?” “What about that time when your girlfriend ignored you and you asked me for help? Who was the one who accompanied you for half a night to get drunk and relieve the sadness?” “Haven’t I drunk with you?” “So we are on the same side. Don’t tell your girlfriend about anything. If I can’t get this girlfriend, I will ruin your relationship with your girlfriend.” “It’s too late. She has already heard your words.” Silas smiled sinisterly.

Silas hung up the phone and got up to greet her. Gianna asked, “Who called?” “Alex said he would come the day after tomorrow. He also said that he would pay for our expenses.” Silas laughed. “You tricked him?” Gianna laughed. Silas said, “Then why would I help him for free?” “What did he not allow you to say just now?” Gianna smiled helplessly. Silas did not speak but smiled first. Gianna looked at his meaningful smile. Her intuition told her that it was not a good thing. She hurriedly said, “Forget it, you don’t have to tell


Silas looked at her and said, “He said that he was sick.” Gianna was surprised. She didn’t expect that it was not something cringy, she instinctively asked, “What’s wrong?” – … Silas smiled like an evil wolf. “He said that he could get hard when he was with a woman and asked me what happened. I wanted to ask you on his behalf, but he didn’t let me ask.” “…” Gianna. Why would she ask? Alex didn’t ask that. This was clearly this stinky man deliberately teasing her! “If he didn’t let you ask, why are you asking?” she asked, pretending to be calm. “I’m with you. I can’t hide anything from you. In fact, he also has something else to ask me. Do you want to hear it?” Silas smiled. “I don’t want to.” Silas smiled and reached out to pull her. He smiled, “I want to tell you.” Gianna reached out to cover his mouth. “No! You don’t want to tell me.” This man was a big bad wolf, who knew what he would say. “What are you afraid of?” Silas took her hand off and chuckled. “I’m not afraid.” Gianna snorted. Silas leaned over and leaned closer to her ear, whispering. “He asked me if I could get hard after being single for so many years.” Gianna: “…” She knew it wouldn’t be anything good. “Do you want to know my answer?” Silas looked at her angry face and laughed in a low voice. “I don’t want to know. Do you have to say it too?” Gianna looked at him, both angry and amused.

Chapter 652 Girlfriend, Let’s Sleep Silas said seriously, “If you don’t want to know, I won’t say it.” Gianna snorted proudly. She already knew the answer. “I don’t want to know.” Silas smiled and said, “Okay, then I won’t tell you.” Gianna said, “Good. In the future, you don’t have to talk about your guys’ things like this to me.” Silas obediently replied, “Alright, girlfriend. Sit down. I’ll dry your hair for you.” As he spoke, he entered the bathroom. Gianna looked at his back and smiled silently.

After drying her hair, Silas put back the blowpipe. When he came out and saw that she was still sitting on the bed, he came over and said, “Girlfriend, let’s go to sleep with each other!”. “Why do you have to make things dirty?” Gianna was speechless. “Don’t you think that you are actually thinking too much?” Silas stopped in his tracks and looked at her. “…”Gianna.


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